Jordan held a military drill simulating an attack on the Hashemite Kingdom’s western border with Israel amid rising tensions with the Jewish state, Arab media reported on Monday.

According to the reports, the drill was conducted last Tuesday and Wednesday by Jordanian armed forces’ elite Royal Guard 1st Mechanized Battalion of the Jordanian Central Command.

Jordanian King Abdullah II oversaw the maneuver, codenamed “Swords of Karama”, and watched from up close alongside Jordanian Prime Minister Omar Razzaz, army and government senior officials and military attachés from several unidentified countries.

The report stated that the maneuvers simulated a defensive battle, with the participation of various corps, fighter planes, and helicopters, “with the aim of destroying the vanguard of the enemy and the bridges that can be used as crossing points” into Jordanian territory.

The king and his son have since visited the enclaves and prayed there. King Abdullah then said that the relationship with Israel has sunk to “its worst state ever“.

Given the criminal charges filed against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and continuing deadlock immobilizing the country’s political system, the king added that “we hope that Israel will be able to determine its future, either in the coming weeks or in the coming months and focus attention on negotiations with the Palestinians.”

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